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Caravan Security


Caravan Security is of paramount importance when you are buying a caravan, afterall you want to know that it is going to be safe and secure when it is in use as well as not in use. In order to make your caravan secure there are 3 areas which must be addressed when buying security equipment for your caravan. It is essential to deter an intruder from entering into your caravan by having the appropriate locks and alarm systems, secondly to deter anybody from stealing your caravan by immobolising it or locking it securely and finally if it is stolen, the installation of a tracking device or security marking would aid its return.

Security Devices

There are plenty of security devices available and some are better than others. Try to buy the best that you can afford, and if you have been recommended some by the manufacturer or dealer, then they may be worth considering. Stickers are usually supplied with security items, so dont forget to use them as they can act as a deterent in themselves. An alarm is worth fitting as long as you remember to switch it on every time you leave your caravan - even if it's just for a short time.

Make sure that all your windows, doors, rooflights and the gas compartment have good strong locks on them and always keep the keys safe with you. Whenever you leave your caravan make sure all your valuables are either out of sight or taken out of the caravan.

When your caravan is not in use it is important to find a secure place to store it whether it be at home or in a Caravan Storage facility.

Caravan Immobilisation Devices

There again is a wide variety of options available in securing your caravan so that it is not stolen. The common ones are Hitch Locks, Wheel Clamps, Wheel Stands and Security Posts as well as good quality padlocks and heavy-duty chains. Llock nuts can also be fitted to the wheels. To steal a caravan a vehicle is required, so it is important to make sure that your caravan is immobolised by using good quality up to date security devices.

More details about security devices can be found on our security devices page.

Caravan storage

When buying a caravan one of the questions which will need to be answered is where are you going to store it? Some people have the luxury of being able to store them at home where they can keep an I on them, but many do not. If you are in this situation then the best thing to look for is a secure caravan storage site.

Many of these sites will be Insurance Approved, may have 24 hour Access 365 days, up to date CCTV camera, alarmed fences and be a Caravan & Camping Club Certificated Site. Many will also have facilities like electric hookups for cleaning and maintainance work.

There is a national network of approved caravan storage sites run by The Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association (CaSSOA), details of which can be found on our Caravan Storage page


Caravan Security Marking

In 1992 the National Caravan Club (NCC) introduced a system CRis for registering caravans on. It is based on the 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) system and holds information on all UK caravans manufactured since that time, as well as many older caravans registered by their owners. It stores information about the Caravan as well as who the owner is. This VIN and the caravan description are recorded on the Touring Caravan Registration Document, which is then sent by CRiS to the caravan's registered keeper. Obviously the Vehicle Registration Documents must never be left in the caravan as they can help a thief to sell the caravan on. As an additional security measure all caravans manufactured since August 1997 are now electronically tagged. More details about CRis are available on our Caravan Security Marking page.

Your caravan should have it's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched onto the windows, if this is not the case then you should use an ultraviolet pen to mark the VIN on the inside in several places throughout the caravan.

In some areas there are vehicle watch scheme and if there is one in your area at home then it could be worth joining. Alternatively ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your caravan and it will be worth fixing good-quality security posts on your drive to prevent your caravan being stolen while you are not there.


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