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About Caravans and Parts



Caravans and Parts is a new website which has been developed to help you, the visitor in your quest to find a new or used caravan. Within this site we have put together all the information you may require to be able to choose the right caravan or motorhome for your needs.

There is information on the main UK manufacturers of Caravans and Motorhomes which includes Bailey, Swift and Elddis and also the range of models that they produce. You will be able to find useful advice on what to look for when buying a new or used caravan, with particular emphasis on security and registration. All of this information can be found in the Buying a Caravan and Caravan Security sections of this site.

We have also provide a section on Finance and Insurance which has been developed in asssociation with Meridian Finance and Quote Direct to help provide some valuable answers to how you might be able to afford and insure that dream caravan.


About Caravans and Parts

Caravan accessories and AwningsOnce you have bought a caravan there is a rannge of accessories that are available to help you get the most out of your recent purchase. For more ideas on types of awnings, barbeques, gas lamps and heaters visit our Accessories section.

If you are just embarking on the quest then it is a good idea to go to one of the national shows, once there you will be able to veiw the latest modelsand accessories at your own leisure. Details of these are given within this site.


Caravans and Parts Caravan and Motorhome Finder

Once you have chosen your ideal caravan you will want to locate one, we do the hard work by contacting the dealers in the selected area to save you all the time and trouble of doing this on an individual dealer basis. Even with the internet this can take a long time, especially when you are not quite sure what you are looking for. Let us help by doing the drudgery for you. We don't charge for this service so why not give it a try and join the large number of people who have already benefitted from this service. Just fill in the details on either the Caravan, or Motorhome enquiry pages and let us do the rest.

Caravan Finder - Try it Now

Motorhome Finder - Try it Now

Having found your ideal caravan there is also the question about Finance and Insurance, we have put together some useful tips and advice in that section of this site.

Once you have bought the caravan there is an extensive range of accessories that you can buy to kit it out with from Awnings and camping gas to what type of barbeque you wish to have. Why not visit our section on accessories to get a few ideas for your caravan.

Buying a MotorhomeDealers

If you are a caravan or motorhome dealer and would like to join our increasing network of dealers please contact us on for further information.

We are different from other caravan websites - we do not expect you to update your caravans for sale - we contact you with the details of visitors to the site who are searching for a caravan or motorhome. We do the hard work - all you need to do is respond to your potential customers with either an email or a phone call.

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